Case study

Case study

Online Data Entry from Image

The Company: Royal medical Sydney

Location: Australia

Job: Medical Document Data Entry into Web-Based Portal

The Objective: Enter accurate and 100% error-free data from different types of Hand-written and

Scanned medical Document in Web-Based Application.

The Solution:

100% Audit at the end of the data entry to maintain the quality of the document.

The Challenges:

 The project included a lot of medical information including sensitive information

 Therefore maintaining accuracy was crucial while entering the data.

 Understanding Multiple-level data structures as well as ensuring quick and easy documentation and archiving.

 To avoid human errors and maintain consistency, the data were classified into different categories, and each team was assigned a different Document Type.

 The completed document was passed through meticulous quality control to ensure that there

 are no missing information, or incorrect information.


 It offered 100% accuracy in the data; which ultimately resulted in satisfaction among the end-


Leveraging the latest technology diminished the turnaround time, subsequently reducing the costs.

The Client

The client we served is based out of the UK and ran a property services business involving residential development across London. They also had an interest in commercial property investment, asset management, and development across the UK.

Client’s Requirement

The client needed a vendor with whom they could collaborate for real estate canvassing, property hunting, and to send letters to property owners. They also wanted the vendor to assist in content moderation before sending the letters.

Business Challenge

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other restrictions at play, the client found it challenging to generate leads with limited resources as hiring new members was seen to weigh down financially. They were also impeded by bandwidth and infrastructure limitations.

iPro’s Solution

Experts from iPro services analyzed the client’s requirements and existing challenges. They carefully chose call centre agents based on qualifications and complete onboarding within 5 business days. This led the client to start realizing results from the primary week itself.

The Result

The client expressed satisfaction with deliverables and asked for the contract to be renewed to continue the engagement.