Data Entry

Data entry services

1.Online data entry – Data entry tasks are accomplished by using internet services. The tasks involved in online data entry are submitting online forms, image processing, and distinct submission of content in the website, data indexing, data mining and cleansing, e-commerce product data entry.

2.Offline data entry – A process of entering information in a specific database format as per the client’s requirements or instruction without using the internet is called offline data entry.

3.Image entry – Image data entry is an important procedure that is required in businesses where images need to be converted or edited. In other words, it is the conversion of scanned images as per the requirements of the businesses. Procedures include in image data entry are image capturing, image storage, image keying, and retrieval, etc.

4.Data conversion – Data conversion is the conversion of one data format into another. It is a technical process mostly done by software, although rarely hardware or human intervention is used. The sole purpose of the data conversion is to enable interoperability and to maintain all of the data by embedding as much information as possible. Data conversion can be simple or complex based on the environment and data formats involved.

5. Data processing – Data processing is the method of collecting raw data and translating it into usable information. Processing is done using machine learning algorithms, though the process itself may vary slightly depending on the source of data being processed (data lakes, social networks, connected devices, etc.)