Founding member Africa Assistance was moved by the plight of the orphaned and abandoned children she found in Africa poorest communities. Poverty, disease, natural disaster, violence – whatever the cause, she felt these children should not be left behind as the rest of society moves forward.

HELP Foundation was incorporated in Canada as a non-profit organization in, so the donations and help from all our friends and supporters are tax-deductible.

We support programs in Africa orphanages that care for orphan and destitute children. These facilities clothe, educate and feed the children until they become responsible adults. The Foundation raises funds in Canada and sponsors children in these facilities located across Africa.

We seek to change the cycle of poverty that afflicts the poorest of African society at the grassroots level. Therefore, we focus on investing in the future of children through programs that equip them with the skills and tools needed to become productive members of society. We believe in the power of our mantra, Grassroots change – one child at a time.