Organic Food and Groceries Delivered to Your Door - Kansas City Mo 2014-12-06 12-11-00


We are Andre & Gisele Messner, and together we run & operate Fresh Connect LLC!

Back in March 2011, we moved back to Missouri from Colorado and joined the family farm, Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm.

We have always had a love for organic healthy living, but nothing kindles that love like living on your family’s farm and seeing God’s handy work first hand.

In the Fall of 2011, we had the opportunity to buy Fresh Connect LLC.

Seeing the potential of having this amazing distribution system to go along with our love of farming, we jumped right in!

Since that time, we have been doing everything we can to make Fresh Connect LLC the highest quality, most convenient, and the most beneficial to the local organic movement as we can.

Today, we have our own farm providing delicious produces straight to our customers.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and I hope we provide you with quality and service that is beyond your expectations!