Transcription services

Our trained transcriptionists at iPro Global services use the latest technology to take dictations from any professionals and transcribe them into official documents. iPro has employed well-qualified professionals to guarantee the quality, most firms also have quality for errors and misspells.

Health care services

Our specialists conduct a detailed review of the customer’s process flow and billing cycle before proceeding with the job. A complete analysis of billing systems, billing practices, staffing methodologies, staffing levels, and an analysis of complete accounts receivable is made to conduct an operational review of admitting/discharge/transfer systems, workflow, Medical Records, Patient Accounting, Cashiers, Finance, Collection, etc.

Web Analytics services

Our team of expert web analysts can provide you with regular dashboards and reports that are rich in information and accompanied by visually appealing graphs and charts. Since we have expertise in the entire range of web analytics software, we can set up a web analytics software for your site.

Data Entry services

We are specialized in entering data from printed as well as electronic input sources. You can provide us any sort of input sources including scanned images, hardcopy documents, etc. our experts can convert them into a usable electronic format.

Insurance Services

Our Insurance BPO services will help you boost your business efficiency, enhance profitability and promote customer satisfaction while ensuring compliance with insurance regulatory requirements. Our Insurance BPO support services for diverse insurance product carriers include first-party insurance, life insurance, general insurance, car/automobile insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance, and others.

Real Estate Services

We are specialized in data providing and Reva services